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Advisory Committee

Social Welfare Committee

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List of Committee Members

Committee Position Department / Organization Name / Position


Department for Social Affairs and Culture

Tam Chon Weng, Secretary

Vice Chairperson

Social Welfare Bureau

Vong Yim Mui, Director

(public service departments)

Representative of Procuratorate

Ip Son Sang, Procurador

Representative of 
​Department for Social Affairs and Culture

Ho Lai Chun da Luz, Adviser

Municipal Affairs Bureau

José Maria da Fonseca Tavares,
President of the Administration Committee

Representative of Health Bureau

Lei Chin Ion, Director

Representative of Education and Youth Affairs Bureau

Lou Pak Sang, Director

Representative of Legal Affairs Bureau

Liu Dexue, Director

Representative of Labour Affairs Bureau

Wong Chi Hong, Director

Representative of Social Security Fund

Iong Kong Io,

President of the Administrative Committee

According to the Autorization n.° 40/2018 of Secretary for Social Affairs and Culture, the list of nomination is effective starting from 7 April, 2018, for a 2-year term of office.

Committee Position

Organization or Institution / Individual

Efective (Alternate) Member

(Representatives from organizations or institutions in areas of social solidarity, benevolence, youth, education, as well as prevention and treatment of toxicodependence)

General Union of Neighbourhood Associations of Macao

Ng Siu Lai
(Lam Man Chi)

Macao Federation of Trade Unions

Leong Wai Fong
(Siu Siu Man Annie)

The Women’s General Association of Macau

Lam Un Mui
(Ho Ka Ian)

Cáritas Macau

Lai, Tereza
(Lei Hong Su)

Tung Sin Tong

Sin Chi Yiu
(Choy Meng Vai)

Macau Holy House of Mercy

Gisela Maria de Assis Fernandes Nunes
(Lee Kam Man, Terry)

Kiang Wu Hospital

Lam In Nie
(U Seng)

Red Cross of Macao Special Administrative Region

Wong, Lai Seong
(Va, Quin)

Mothers Association

Lei da Graça Costa e Silva Veronica
(Choi Kit Chan)

Macao Catholic Family Advisory Council

Wong Ching Wai, Alexander
(Chow Lai Wan Filomena)

The Methodist Church Macau

Chan Lai Sang
(Lee Yuen Sum)

Macau Social Workers Association

Ng Un Ieng
(Ng Wan Fong)


(Prominent individuals of society recognized as outstanding in area of social work)

Lam Choi Sin

Cheong Ka Man

Au Chi Keung

Lei Sut Peng