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Disaster Assistance

Target Group

Individuals or families affected by public accident or natural disaster (such as flood, fire, collapse, typhoon, etc.) need emergency assistance or shelter, resources and psychological counselling.

Content of Assistance

This service is provided according to situations of the disaster and the victims involved. It mainly includes the arrangement of accommodation in centre for victims of disaster, provision of financial assistance and assistance in kind, as well as psychological counselling by social workers to those with unstable emotions.

Immediate Assistance Procedures

When disaster occurred, the concerned person has to dial emergency assistance hotline 999 rapidly. Depending on situations, the police will make pager call to Social Welfare Bureau. The Bureau will take immediate action after receiving referral case from the police, the Fire Brigade or related departments.

Assistance Procedures after Disaster and Document Required

After the occurrence of disaster, if there is a need of social assistance, the applicant is required to make an application at Social Service Centre in his/her neighbourhood, and submit:
  • Photocopy of Macao Resident Identity Card of the applicant and his/her family members;
  • Salary declaration of family members;
  • Water or electricity bill of present living place, rent receipt/document relating to housing loan and other expenses;
  • Other relevant documents of the application (For enquiry, please contact Social Service Centres).

Central and Southern District (Patane) Social Service Centre

Northern District (Tamagnini Barbosa) Social Service Centre

Northwest District (Ilha Verde) Social Service Centre

Taipa and Coloane Social Service Centre

Taipa and Coloane Social Service Centre (Taipa Branch)


Immediate assessment and follow-up (Performance Pledge)

24-hour Supporting Service

Target Group

Individuals or families in crisis (such as, the elderly, the vulnerable person, woman or child who loses way, domestic violence or unstable emotions)

Application Procedures and Document Required

First of all, persons who need this service, please dial emergency assistance hotline 999. Social Welfare Bureau will receive referral cases through the police and Fire Brigade, etc. On shift social workers are equipped with the pager operated 24 hours, in order to provide immediate service and follow-up of cases upon receiving pager calls from the police.


Important note:
  1. In case of cold weather, the street sleepers or persons in need can make enquiry about living in Cold Shelter, through telephone 28594471 and 28261630.

Relevant legislations:
  1. Regulate Centre of Refuge for Victims of Disaster under Social Welfare Bureau.
    Legal Regulation N° 112/88/M . was replaced by Administrative Regulation N° 2/2004 .
  2. Regulamento Administrativo n.o 28/2015, de 30.12.2015, Organizacao e
    funcionamento do Instituto de Accao Social