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Social Reintegration Service

  • Assist the court to implement non-custodial sentences and sentence suspension orders;
  • According to “Education and Supervision Regime for Youth Offenders”(Law 2/2007), we implement supervision orders applied to youth offenders;
  • Prepare pre-trial reports for the court;
  • Provide supports for offenders to reintegrate into society and restore a law-abiding life;
  • Enhance the prevention of re-offending.
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Special Correction Service for Offenders

Department of Social Reintegration – Special Correction Unit

Target group
Offenders under non-custodial measures, as well as juvenile, who are involved with serious crimes or complex situation such as murder, serious traffic violation, sexual crimes, domestic violence and etc.

Contents of Service

  1. Psychological Assessment Inventories: through various assessments (such as LS/CMI, Static-99, etc.), we tailor make correctional programs to match the needs of offenders.
  2. Group Counselling: proving different counselling group (such as “Sexual Crime Prevention Group” and “Stop Violence Group”) for offenders in need.
  3. Special Topic Educational Workshops: inviting experts or idols in the community to host workshops and deliver positive messages to offenders.
  4. Evaluation of Program Outcome: evaluate the outcome and correction effects of different programs.

Highlights of Special Correction Service for Offenders in 2019
  • Mindful Inspiration Program
    Inviting experts, scholars or idols of the community to deliver positive messages to offenders who involved with special crimes such as sexual crimes, domestic violence, hope to strength their behavioral correction.
    Mindful Inspiration Program