Hotline of Social Welfare Bureau

General Enquiry Hotline

2836 7878
  • The public can contact SWB or obtain information about services rendered, through General Enquiry Hotline.
  • Service Hours: Monday to Friday, 09:00-18:00 (except public holidays).

Counselling Hotline

2826 1126
  • During office hours, social worker attends telephone calls and provides immediate emotional support, counselling or guidelines for those who are perturbed in aspects of family, work, interpersonal relationships.
  • During non-office hour, citizens can leave their names and contact telephone numbers through the voice mail recording system.  Social worker will respond as soon as possible in coming working hour.  If they need immediate talk, they can call “24-hour Hotline of Macau Caritas – Life Hope” via 2852 5222.

Helpline for victims of domestic violence

2823 3030
Available 24 hours a day and assisted by social service professionals, the Helpline for victims of domestic violence provides service for individuals or family members who suffer or are at risk of suffering from domestic violence. It aims to reduce the risk and harm caused by domestic violence, ensure the safety of victims, provide integrated assistance for the victims to overcome the crisis and promote harmony in society and family.

The Resilience Centre -
Counselling Hotline for Problem Gambling

2832 3998
Provide counselling, enquiry, other support and referral services to citizens who are perturbed by problem gambling, as well as their family members.

Anti-drug Enquiry Hotline
2878 1791

Provide information about prevention and treatment of drug dependence to the general public, in particular, teenage students, educators, parents and professionals, etc.

Helpline for Drug Treatment

2835 8844
Staff helps to resolve problems and make arrangement of treatment service for drug dependents who request treatment and social rehabilitation service voluntarily, as well as their family members.

Enquiry Hotline for Youth Drug Treatment
2835 2811

Provide drug treatment enquiry service to high-risk and drug dependent youth.

Enquiry Hotline for “Subsidy for Senior Citizens”

2836 6166
Permanent residents of Macao SAR, aged 65 on or before 31 of December in the year of application, can submit application of “Subsidy for Senior Citizens” to Social Welfare Bureau.

Enquiry Hotline for “Registration Card for Disability Assessment”

2840 3877

Permanent or non-permanent residents of Macao SAR possessing one or various types of the following disabilities can apply for “Registration Card for Disability Assessment”: visual, auditory, verbal, physical, intellectual and mental.

Hotline Services on Optimization

2835 8818
Macao citizens can express his / her opinions and convey suggestions on the optimization services of SWB, including suggestions, complaints, objections, appreciations, via the 24-hour telephone voice mail recorder.