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Welcome Message

Welcome to our website.

With a commitment to “help people to overcome their difficulties and rebuild a new life”, the Social Welfare Bureau (SWB) has been working closely with an array of social service-oriented NGOs to offer citizens of Macao SAR with a wide spectrum of social services dedicated to families, the community at large, children, youth and the elderly, rehabilitation, prevention and treatment of drug dependence, problem gambling and social reintegration. It endeavors to deliver quality social services to the public and works collectively to create a harmonious society where everyone can enjoy a happy life.

We have created this website to provide citizens and visitors of Macao with easy and convenient access to all kinds of information about our Bureau. It contains details about our services and hotspot information, hotlines, advisory committees, thematic websites and latest news. For convenience’s sake, this website is available in Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, English and Accessible, serves as a platform for communication where you could learn about the policies and work of the SWB.

Welcome to our website where you will find information concerning our policy and work. As comments are very valuable and crucial to our policy formulation, please do not hesitate to forward your opinions and suggestions regarding our website and services, via email (pr@ias.gov.mo) or by post, to Social Welfare Bureau, Estrada do Cemitério, n° 6, Macao. Our website shall be maintained up-to-date with enriched content to keep you informed of timely news and information.

Hon Wai 
December, 2019