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IAS Urges Social Service Facilities and the Public to Take Precautions Against Wind and Flooding

Press Release
24 August 2022

  In view of the yellow storm surge warning and the tropical cyclone signal No.3 issued by the Meteorological and Geophysical Bureau (SMG) at 2pm, the The Social Welfare Bureau (IAS) urges those social services facilities in low-lying areas that have not yet installed waterproof gates to do so as soon as possible. IAS also urges social service facilities and the public to pay attention to the development of severe tropical storm “Ma-on” and take precautionary measures against wind and flooding, for example, close doors and windows, move non-waterproof items to higher places, install waterproof gates, etc.
  At the same time, all emergency shelters in Macao have arranged adequate supplies and manpower. Waterproof gates have also been installed at IAS facilities in low-lying areas, and various wind and flood prevention measures have been put in place.
  IAS advises the public to try to keep young children or the frail at home or in safe places. Some nurseries, elderly services facilities and rehabilitation day centres will remain open for those in need, but users and their caregivers should take care during drop-off and pick-up.