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IAS will maintain minimum services on Monday

News Release
July 31, 2022
In conjunction with the anti-epidemic work of the MSAR Government, the Social Welfare Bureau (SWB) will continue to provide limited services on Monday (1st of August); appointments are required, except for the Detoxification and Maintenance Treatment Services in the Areia Preta Drug Treatment Centre (Methadone) and in the Carmo (Taipa) Drug Treatment Centre (Methadone) which will continue to operate normally.
If residents are in need of urgent services, they should request the respective information by phone and make an appointment in advance, and be at the service location at the scheduled time in order to minimize the risk of being infected due to potential crowding.
Service Location Telephone No. for Appointment Address
 IAS Head Office 28367878 Estrada do Cemitério, n.° 6, Macau 
 Central and Southern District (Patane) Social service Centre  28580981 Avenida do Almirante Lacerda, n.° 23-A, Long Ut Koi, 1.° andar, Macau 
Northern District (Tamagnini Barbosa) Social service Centre 28596457 Rua Nova de Toi Sán n.º 1-15, Edifício Litoral, Macau
Northwest District (Ilha Verde) Social service Centre 28225744 Praça dos Lótus, Edifício do Bairro da Ilha Verde, Bloco I, 2.º andar A, Macau
Taipa and Coloane Social service Centre 28825077 Avenida da Harmonia, n.° 20, Edifício Koi Nga, Bloco IV, Edf. Cipreste, r/c, Coloane, Macau
Taipa and Coloane Social service Centre (Taipa Branch) 28827285 Rua do Regedor, S/N, Chun Fok Village, Fase 2, Bloco 5, r/c AI, Taipa, Macau
 Before entering these facilities, residents are required to undergo the COVID-19 rapid antigen test, the result of which must be negative, as well as the other anti-epidemic measures, such as measuring body temperature, displaying the “Travel record of Macau Health Code” record, wearing filter mask, and social distancing of one metre.