Optimization Services


  1. Build a caring, harmonious and inclusive society.


  1. Provide quality social welfare services, support social vulnerable groups, promote the developments of individual, family and community activities, uphold family harmony and advocate community cohesion;
  2. Keep abreast of formulations at social welfare policies and service projects, and advance the development in social welfare;
  3. Jointly develop more professional and diverse social services for citizens by establishing close partnership with NGO, to enhance physical and mental health with improvement in living quality;
  4. Provide specific training to raise the professional level of services provided by social welfare workers.

Respect the individual value, family harmony as well as solidarity in society; provide high efficient and effective service for citizens.

Code of Practice

  1. Courteous reception to the public and attends to their needs with good faith;
  2. Respect for privacy and confidentiality;
  3. Respect for the dignity and the self-determination of the service users and committed to safeguard their rights;
  4. Make the greatest efforts to serve the citizens with equality and without discrimination or biases;
  5. By fulfilling our responsibilities and duties faithfully, we are here to provide professionally quality and efficient services in a prompt and adequate manner.


Monitoring Mechanism
The Specialized Working Group on Performance Pledge of the Social Welfare Bureau monitors the aforementioned services and conduct regular reviews on their service standards.

Suggestions and Complaints
Citizens may suggest and complain on the services provided by IAS through the following mechanism as stated below:

1. Go directly or telephone any of IAS subunits;
2. 24-hours telephone voice mail recorder : 2835 8818;
3. Email: dep@ias.gov.mo;
4. Fax: 2835 5279;
5. Mail: Letters may be placed in the suggestion boxes located in the IAS subunits or directly to the following
    address: Social Welfare Bureau, Estrada do Cemitério, no. 6, Macau.

All suggestions, comments and complaints will be perused directly by the Optimization Service Committee of IAS, and will be processed rapidly with impartial manner.