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SWB Services

  • Provide children and youth service to those with growth risks or in situation not adaptable to society due to individual and environmental reasons;
  • Through the collaboration with non-governmental organizations and public departments and, as well as provision of assistance to court in area of social protection regime, provide counseling and protection to children and youth, assisting them to overcome challenges, rebuild social relationship, in order to achieve the ultimate goal of healthy growth and society integration.
  • Provide technical support and resources assistance to non-governmental organizations and social service facilities in areas of children and youth service.
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Referral to Children and Youth Home/Nursery

Application Venue

Social Service Centre in the neighbourhood where the residence of the applicant is located.

Target Group
Home: Children and youth who cannot enjoy normal family care due to family problems and need children and youth residential service subsidized by Social Welfare Bureau.
Nursery: Children from families assessed as vulnerable or at risk are in need of care and support, especially those from single-parent families, families with disabled family members and families with patients of chronic illness / diseases. At the same time, the monthly total income of the child’s family should not be over the limit amount : $19,425 for family with 2 members, $26,775 for 3 members, $32,550 for 4 members, $36,750 for 5 members, $40,950 for 6 members, $45,150 for 7 members, $49,275 for 8 members or above.

Remarks: The above amounts are in patacas.

Application Procedures and Documents Required

The applicant is required to make an application at Social Service Centre in his/her neighbourhood and submits:
  • Photocopy of Macao Resident Identity Card of the applicant and his/her family members;
  • Salary declaration of family members;
  • Water or electricity bill of present living place and other expenses;
  • Other relevant documents of the application (For enquiry, please contact Social Service Centres).

Fees and Charges

Free of charge.


After referral, all service charges incurred are to be determined by the institution and the client.

Time for Arranging Appointment

Depending on the application. If necessary, immediate interview can be arranged.