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Children and Youth Service

  • Provide children and youth service to those with growth risks or in situation not adaptable to society due to individual and environmental reasons;
  • Through the collaboration with non-governmental organizations and public departments and, as well as provision of assistance to court in area of social protection regime, provide counseling and protection to children and youth, assisting them to overcome challenges, rebuild social relationship, in order to achieve the ultimate goal of healthy growth and society integration.
  • Provide technical support and resources assistance to non-governmental organizations and social service facilities in areas of children and youth service.

Court Auxiliary Service


To provide the court with all kinds of support so that the minors will receive appropriate trial and obtain adequate protection.

Content of Service

In case that the court exercises judicial authority on minors, Children and Youth Service Division is also responsible for providing the court with assistance concerning cases of other types within the jurisdiction of social protection system, including exercise and norms of parental custody and guardianship; behaviour of a child under 12 that contravenes the law, a minor who experiences all kinds of crisis in the growth stage or social in-adaptation, such as cases of abandoned child, without family and extreme mal-adaptation to all kinds of disciplines or social life.


The court and the procuratorate will make referrals of the cases concerned to Children and Youth Service Division.