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Children and Youth Service

  • Provide children and youth service to those with growth risks or in situation not adaptable to society due to individual and environmental reasons;
  • Through the collaboration with non-governmental organizations and public departments and, as well as provision of assistance to court in area of social protection regime, provide counseling and protection to children and youth, assisting them to overcome challenges, rebuild social relationship, in order to achieve the ultimate goal of healthy growth and society integration.
  • Provide technical support and resources assistance to non-governmental organizations and social service facilities in areas of children and youth service.
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Community Support Scheme


In accordance with Law No. 2/2007 of MSAR, “Education and Supervision Regime/System of Juvenile Offenders”, it stipulates the respective measures to be taken to educate juveniles who are legally found guilty of committing crimes or slight offences so that they can get integrated into the community in a proper and responsible manner. Besides juridical measures, police caution will be administered by Public Security Police Force too. During the police cautioning, if Public Security Police Force thinks that mere cautioning is not sufficient to serve its purposes, it will then inform Social Welfare Bureau about the relevant case for the Bureau to conduct in-depth assessment of these juvenile offenders, to evaluate if they have the need to participate in the Community Support Scheme. From the findings of the assessment, for those juveniles who revealed having this need, Social Welfare Bureau will work together with the Community Youth Work Team to provide them with relevant services.

  • Community Support Scheme is aimed at helping juveniles who had been cautioned by police to correct their misbehaviour, make a new start and reduce their recidivism rate through counselling, education or training.
  • At the same time, the Scheme enables these juveniles to recognize the wrongdoings that they had committed were violations of law. These juveniles will then learn how to maintain self-control, respect others and their belongings, and encounter temptations from peer group.