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Elderly Service

  • Through the collaboration with non-governmental organizations and public departments, provide elderly service like community support and residential care, as well as assist the elderly in maintaining mutual contact with the society, in order to have fruitful elderly life, especially in providing assistance to the elderly who lack condition of living alone and their families, allowing them to enjoy healthy life.
  • Provide technical support and resources assistance to non-governmental organizations (IPSS) and social service facilities in areas of elderly service.
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Senior Citizens Card

Applicants may submit in person or online:​

1. Submit in Person:
Application Venue

2. Application Online:
Please sign in the website below and register the related information

Target Groups
Elderly persons aged 65 or above and holder of Macao Resident Identity Card can apply for senior citizens card.

Application Procedures and Document Required
Applicants who present in person should submit:
  • duly completed application form;
  • photocopy of applicant’s valid Macao Identity Card for permanent resident;
  • 1 recent photograph of 1 1/2 inch;
  • document with the correct address (ex: water or electricity bill of present living place).

If the applicant is unable to apply personally due to physical disability, first of all, his/her representative has to present the original of applicant’s identification document, together with the application form and relevant information, to the application venue listed above for verification and handling.

Fees and Charges
Free of charge.

Collecting Senior Citizens Card:
Submit in person: within 6 working days at the designated location upon receiving all the required documents; if a representative obtains the senior citizens card on behalf of the applicant, he/she has to present Macao Resident Identity Card (original) of the applicant and the relative receipt.

Online Application: within 6 working days at the designated location upon receiving all the required documents; the applicant has to present valid Macao Resident Identity Card, 1 recent photograph of 1 /2 inch and document with the correct address. (Online applicant has to sign in presence; it cannot be done by a representative on behalf of the applicant)

Download Senior Citizens Card Application Form

Concession of Senior Citizens Card:
For concession offers related to Senior Citizens Card, please click in Concession Booklet of Senior Citizens Card.

Application Online:
Please visit the website below and register the related information
Cartão de Benefícios Especiais para Idoso – Boletim de Adesão

Current Senior Citizens Cards in 3 types:
圖片1 圖片2
1st Oct 1996 Edition 20th Dec 1999 Edition​

1st July 2015 Edition

Relevant Legislations:
Regulate the emission and utilization of “Special and Preferential Benefits of Senior Citizens Card”.
- Authorization No. 177/2015 of Chief Executive.