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  • Assist individuals and families in distress to restore the social function;
  • Promote and enhance the quality of life of the residents through the development of community activities;
  • Provide technical support and resources assistance to non-governmental organizations in areas of family and community centres.
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Community Employment Assistance Program & Positive Life Service Program

We believe all individual have abilities to undertake responsibility, be ambitious, prefer being treated with dignity and strive to improve family living. The “Community Employment Assistance Program” and the “Positive Life Service Program” allow the Social Welfare Bureau (IAS) subsidies beneficiaries/recipients the acquisition of self-confidence at work, professional reintegration, undertake responsibility of family living, as well as getting a life of self-sufficiency and self-respect, in case to contribute properly for society on the basis of “helping yourself by serving others”.
Aims Those beneficiaries/recipients with working ability have the chance to serve the community transition period of time in case to empower their confidence and working skills, enable them to undertake their responsibilities in living and regain employments.
Target Group Beneficiaries age 25 to 59
Services Participants must provide 24 hours weekly for institutions in the program. 3 to 6 hours weekly training courses, community activities and counseling services are also responded to participate.
Duration Each term has the duration of six months with possible extension up to 18 months after an assessment of the case.
Services venue Macau Federation of Trade Unions, Macau Caritas, Women General Association of Macau and Service Units under General Union of Neighbors Association of Macau or Institutions designated.
Subsidies According to the Program a maximum amount of MOP2000 monthly subsidy is given to participants for service provider.
Aims The Project aims to assist and enable those beneficiaries/recipients of IAS who have certain abilities and working skills to get employment by providing job matching and career service. There for they can rebuild family living in regular method during the period of which their subsidy is deducted accordingly. Finally they can undertake the responsibility of family living by themselves without having subsidy anymore.
Target Group IAS beneficiaries/recipients with working skills aged 25 to 59
Duration: In general, and according to each case, a general assessment of the participant will be concucted every six months with a maximum of 18 months.
Service content:

Personal career counseling, follow-ups consultation by phone, referral service, jobs matching, follow up service after employment.


After the reintegration in the job market, the beneficiaries /recipient still can receive subsidy for a certain period of time. However, the amount of subsidy and the concession period differs according to wage of the beneficiaries /recipients, total income of the household and maximum limit stipulated/determine by IAS.

Subsidy computation method

Brief introduction of subsidy computation method for the project beneficiaries /recipients

Aiming to encourage beneficiaries /recipients to be reintegrated into the job market, the stipulated maximum limit for income/salary deduction was adjusted to an equivalent of 1.5 times of the minimum subsistence index limit at $6,350. The maximum period of the exemption was extended to 18 months, the maximum limit for the approval as well as computation formula are both established.

Application Requirements:

  • IAS subsidy beneficiaries/recipient and cumulatively meet the following conditions:
  • IAS subsidy beneficiaries/recipient for 3 consecutive months (3 months prior to the submission of application for the project);
  • Not have participated in the project over the past 18 months.

Regarding the maximum limit, if it is the above threshold value, the total exemption period of income assigned is only three months.

N.º of family members Minimum subsistence index adjusted value (a) Coefficient of income value(b) Maximum income limit (a x b)
1 4,350.00 1.5 6,530.00
2 7,990.00 1.45 11,590.00
3 11,020.00 1.4 15,430.00
4 13,390.00 1.35 18,080.00
5 15,120.00 1.3 19,660.00
6 16,850.00 1.25 21,070.00
7 18,580.00 1.2 22,300.00
=> 8 20,270.00 1.15 23,320.00

Remark: The calculation listed above may be adjusted refer to variation in the minimum subsistence índex. Unit of the amount will be rounded to the nearest ten.