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Disability Subsidy

In order to show the care from Macao SAR for persons with disabilities, in terms of Law of “Systems of Disability Subsidies and Free Hygiene Nursing Services”, Social Welfare Bureau (IAS), grants “Disability Subsidy” for eligible permanent residents of Macao SAR.

The disability subsidy is issued one time which is divided into two categories: Regular/Normal Disability Subsidy (MOP$9,000.00 per year) and Special Disability Subsidy (MOP$18,000.00 per year).

  1. 1. Those are permanent residents od Macao SAR in the year of application; and
  2. Holders of Disability Assessment Registration Card or documents of approved “Disability Assessment Registration card.
Remarks: (1) For the convenience of persons with disabilities, those persons who have applied “Disability Assessment Registration Card’ in Social Welfare Bureau, can also proceed the application of the subsidy;
(2) Disability Assessment Registration Cards are issue in term of “Administrative Regulation n.o 3/2011 – Assessment Registration and Issue System of Disability Classification/ Assessment Regime of Disability Classification, Card Registration and Issuance.
1. Application form are available at the following locations:

(1) Headquarters of Social Welfare Bureau, Social Service Centers (CAS), Assessment Centre for Rehabilitation (CAGR) and in the institutions under IAS;

(2)Assigned Rehabilitation Institutions

(3) Download from SWB website

2. Applicant should submit application form together with relevant documents through one of the following ways:
(1) Submit in person at
Social Welfare Main Office

- Social Service Centrein which the benecicieries/recipients’address belong to, including:

Central and Southern District (Patane) Social Service Centre

Northern District (Tamagnini Barbosa) Social Service Centre

Northwest District (Ilha Verde) Social Service Centre

Taipa and Coloane Social Service Centre

Taipa and Coloane Social Service Centre (Taipa Branch)

(2) Send by post
Put the application form together with relevant documents into sealed envelope (with “Disability Subsidy” application written on cover), then send to SWB Main Office at Rua do Cemitério N°6, Macau

  1. Duly completed application form ;
  2. Photocopy of beneficiary’s valid Macao Identity Card for permanent residence;
  3. Photocopy of beneficiary’s residential prove (e.i. photocopy of water, electricity, telephone bill or other document which can ensure residential address)
  4. Photocopy of bank passbook from any Macau banks listed below for receiving “Disability Subsidy” with photocopy of the bank passbook holder’s identity Card:
Banco Nacional Ultramarino
East Asia Bank
Banco Comercial de Macau
Tai Fung Bank
Luso Bank, Macau
Industrial & Commercial Bank China (Macau)
DBS Bank (Hong Kong) Ltd.
Chinese Bank, Macau
Bank of China
The Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited (Macau Branch)
OCBC Wing Hang Bank Limited
Delta Bank Asia
Canton Development Bank
Bank Sinopac Company Limited Sucursal de Macau
Banco de Guandfa da China, S.A., Sucursal de Macau
  1. In case the application form is submitted by third person, required documents are as follow:
    1. -Photocopy of the third person’s Identity Card;
    2. - Proof of relationship between the third person and the beneficiary/recipient :

Relationship between the Representative and Beneficiary/Recipient

Documents required


Proof or related documents or photocopies which can prove the relationship with beneficiary/recipient is spouse, lineal ascendant or descendant (e.g. marriage certificate, birth certificate, etc.)

Lineal Ascendant


Lineal Descendant


Legal Representative

Photocopy of Court ruling

Certigier/Authorized Person

Authorization Letter(may be written directly on the application form)


Proof or documents which can prove the agent relationship with beneficiary/recipient

  1. Degree of Disabilities and Categories of Subsidies

Degree of disabilities
(Register on “ Disability Assessment Registration Card”)

Categories of Subsidies

Amounts of Subsidies
in 2016 (MOP)

Amounts of Subsidies
in 2020 (MOP)

Mildly, Moderately

Regular/Normal Disability Subsidy



Severely, Extremely

Special Disability Subsidy



Child aged 4 below

Note: If the applicant has various kinds of disabilities; the subsidy will be issued on basis of the more severe disability.

  1. Issuing Periods of Subsidy amounts:

(1)On Year 2011:

Disability Subsidy’ Application Dates

“Disability Subsidy” Issuing Dates

On or before November 30, 2011

December 2011

1st ~ 31st, December 2011

March 2012

(2)On or before Year 2012 :

Disability Subsidy’ Application Dates
Or “Proof-of-life” Certificate Dates

“Disability Subsidy” Issuing Dates

On or before 31st August

In October of the year

1st September to 30th November

In January of the next Year

1st ~ 31 December

In March of the next year

  1. Suspension or termination of the subsidies
    (1) Suspension: Proof-of-life process
    (2) Termination: Death of the beneficiary or expired “Disability Assessment Registration Card” however it will not affect the subsidy issuing during the year of the death of the beneficiary and expired date of “Disability Assessment Registration Card”.

Every year the beneficiary/recipients of Disability Subsidy must provide Proof-of-life Certificate for Social Welfare Bureau. The Proof-of-life certificate can be processed through one of the following means below :

  1. Proceed fingerprint collection procedure on Proof-of-life Machines appointed/organized by Social welfare Bureau; or
  2. Beneficiaries can visit directly the Social Services Center in their neighborhood and write down the Proof-of-life announcement; or
  3. Submit documents which are issued by the adequate authorities, social mutual organizations or other related entities from beneficiaries/recipients ‘locations.

List of Certificate of Existing of Life Self-Service Printing for Subsidy for Senior Citizens System
“My Government Account of Macao SAR” – Proof of Life

In case of death of the beneficiary, the legal representatives, the spouses, persons with de facto marital relation, lineal ascendants or descendants living with, persons appointed to receive subsidies or organizations which taking care of beneficiaries, must announce/notify urgently Social Welfare Bureau about the fact of beneficiary/recipient death.

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