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License Application for Operating Social Service Facilities

  • As stipulated by Decree N° 90/88/M, any individuals or organizations that intend to establish social service facilities (including subsidized or non-subsidized facilities), must apply for licenses at SWB, such as: Nursery, Children and Youth Home, Home for the Elderly, Multi-service Centre for the Elderly, Recreational Centre for the Elderly, Community Centre, Centre for the Disabled, Home for the Disabled, etc.
  • Amendment, renewal and replacement of licenses are also included in the service contents.
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License Application

Target Group

Individuals or institutions/associations (including subvented or non-subvented) intending to set up the type of social service facilities as designated in Article 3 of Decree-Law No. 90/88/M, like nurseries, children and youth homes, elderly homes, elderly day care centres, elderly social centres, community centres, rehabilitation centres and rehabilitation institutions.

Required documents

The list of documents required to submit for application is determined by the legal capacity (legal person, natural person, business organization) of the applicant/entity. The type of required documents as followed:
1. License Application Form (It is required to notarize the document)  ;
  • Association: according to the constitution, or the signatures signed by the chairman and treasurer, or signed by any 3 members of the council.
  • Natural person: signed by the applicant.
  • Business organization: signed by a person with legal authority (the person should has the authority to sign legally according to the company’s business registration certificate).
Proof of Identity
2.1 If the applicant is an association
  • Photocopy of certification document(s) issued by the Identification Services Bureau(namely association certificate);
  • Photocopy of Articles of Association published in the “Government Gazette”;
  • Photocopy of the meeting minutes recording the resolution to set up the facility;
  • Photocopy of the legal representative’s identity certification;
  • If the applicant is a public interest corporation, the registration form of public interest corporation should be submitted (one of the following documents):
    〉 Certification documents issued by Identification Bureau to clarify that the association is registered as
         public interest corporation ;
    〉 Photocopy of related certifications issued by the Public Administration and Civil Service Bureau ;
    〉 Photocopy of related authorizations published in the “Government Gazette” ;
2.2 If the applicant is a natural person
  • Photocopy of identity certification ;
  • Photocopy of proof of academic qualifications ;
  • Certificate of criminal record (This document could be sent directly to the IAS throught self-service kiosks of the Direcção dos Serviços de Identificação) ;
2.3 If the applicant is a business organization
Photocopy of business registration certificate (It is not applicable for business organizations who are registered at the Conservatória dos Registos Comercial e de Bens Móveis);
The original license of the facility;
Document(s) proving the transfer of ownership of the facility;
Proof of registration of business tax of the latest year or respective payment issued by the Financial Services Bureau (only limited to those required by law);
Tentative name list and working schedules of technical and auxiliary staff of the facility;
Name list of person(s) in charge of the facility and its main staff ;
Photocopy of identification document(s) and proof of academic qualifications of the person(s) in charge of the facility and of its main staff;
Approved floor plan about Business Commencement/Alteration registered with the Financial Services Bureau;
Certificate of Real Estate/Property Registration of the site where the facility is to be set up (It is not applicable);
Based on their functional areas, written opinion given by the Land, Public Works and Transport Bureau, Health Bureau and Fire Services Bureau in relation to the type of facility the applicant intends to set up;
Supporting documents and information as required by law or conducive to the evaluation and approval of the application.

Fees and Charges

Mop 500.00 (As stipulated by paragraph 1 of Article 29 of Decree-Law No. 90/88/M, non-profitmaking organizations/associations are exempted from fee payment).

Time taken for evaluation and approval

In accordance to paragraph 1 of Article 17 of Decree-Law No. 90/88/M, decision will be taken within 45 days, dated from the day of reception of application form and required documents.

License Validity

One year.
Note (1): The license application can be certified by the receiving staff. A power of attorney is required in the event the application is submitted by a third person.
​Note (2): In accordance to paragraphs 2 &3 of Article 17 of Decree-Law No. 90/88/M, the day-count of the aforementioned time-period could be interrupted on account of applicants’ failure to present all required documents or information. The applicant shall be informed to submit the omitted materials in-persons or via registered letter in pursuant to law. Upon the day of the reception of the omitted materials sent by the applicant, IAS will resume the day-count. The application shall be deemed disapproved if the applicant fails to submit the required missing documents within 60 days, dated from the day of notification.

* Should there be any doubts about the aforementioned application procedures and required documents, please feel free to make enquiries to the Social Service Facilities Management and Licensing Division.