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License Application for Operating Social Service Facilities

  • As stipulated by Decree N° 90/88/M, any individuals or organizations that intend to establish social service facilities (including subsidized or non-subsidized facilities), must apply for licenses at SWB, such as: Nursery, Children and Youth Home, Home for the Elderly, Multi-service Centre for the Elderly, Recreational Centre for the Elderly, Community Centre, Centre for the Disabled, Home for the Disabled, etc.
  • Amendment, renewal and replacement of licenses are also included in the service contents.
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Relevant Legislations

Regulation Content No. of Official Gazette and Publication Date
Decree N° 90/88/M Regime of licensing of social service facilities B.O. 39
Legal Authorization N° 20/91/M Table of fees and charges relating to authorization of issuance, renewal, replacement and endorsed note of license, as well as the provision of technical advice B.O. 4
Legal Authorization N° 156/99/M Normative regulation about the establishment and operation of nursery B.O. 21 (I)
Legal Authorization N° 160/99/M Normative regulation about the establishment and operation of children and youth home B.O. 21 (I)