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License Application for Operating Social Service Facilities

  • As stipulated by Decree N° 90/88/M, any individuals or organizations that intend to establish social service facilities (including subsidized or non-subsidized facilities), must apply for licenses at SWB, such as: Nursery, Children and Youth Home, Home for the Elderly, Multi-service Centre for the Elderly, Recreational Centre for the Elderly, Community Centre, Centre for the Disabled, Home for the Disabled, etc.
  • Amendment, renewal and replacement of licenses are also included in the service contents.
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Renewal and Replacement of Licence

License Renewal

Since the license of the facility expires in one year, renewal should be processed well before its expiry. Please refer to the License Renewal Flowchart for details. In case the renewal is not approved, IAS shall notify license holder or his/her representative about the non-renewal decision 30 days before the expiry of the license. For profit-making social service facilities, their license will be automatically renewed after they paid the required fee. Non-profit making facilities are exempted from fee payment.

Procedures and documents required for license replacement

The license holder in concern is required to fill in the relevant application form - (It is required to notarize the document) and deliver it to the Social Facilities Licensing and Inspection Division. For replacement of damaged license, its holder has to return the damaged copy.

Fees and Charges

Renewal: MOP $150.00
Replacement: MOP $250.00

(As stipulated by paragraph 1 of Article 29 of Decree-Law No. 90/88/M, non-profitmaking organizations/associations are exempted from fee payment)

Time taken for evaluation and approval


As stipulated by Article 14 of Decree-Law No. 90/88/M, IAS shall notify the license holder of the facility about its decision of non-renewal of the license 30 days before its expiry. For those who do not receive any notification, the license shall be automatically renewed after they paid the required fee.


In accordance to IAS’s performance pledge, IAS will replace the license within 15 days upon reception of the respective application. 

​Note (1): The license application can be certified by the receiving staff. A power of attorney is required in the event the application is submitted by a third person.

* Should there be any doubts about the aforementioned application procedures and required documents, please feel free to make enquiries to the Social Service Facilities Management and Licensing Division.