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Audiovisual Centre

Executive Unit: Audiovisual Centre of SWB
Address: Avenida do Infante D. Henrique,nos. 43-53A, 16 andar,The Macau Square,Macau
Tel: 83997555 / 83997507
Fax: 28355279
E-mail address: na@ias.gov.mo
Opening Hours: Monday to Thursday 9:00am to 13:00pm; 2:30pm to 5:45pm Friday 9:00am to 13:00pm; 2:30pm to 5:30pm

Library Card Application

Target Group

Staff of Social Welfare Bureau;
– Persons working in area of social service (relating to social welfare);
– Students attending social work course.

When the nature of service unit is not clearly defined, the following documents have to be submitted in order to define its relation with social welfare service:
– Organizational statute published in “Macao Special Administrative Region Government Gazette” (register content);
– Objective of the unit.

Application Procedures and Document Required

The applicant make an application via the Internet Service or apply in person:

Document Required:

  • Photocopy of Macao Resident Identity Card and presentation of the original;
  • Photocopy of Student Card and presentation of the original, if the applicant is student;
  • Declaration of company/working unit or photocopy of staff card;
  • 2 recent photographs of 1 1/2 inch;
  • Document of address, ex: water or electricity bill.

Note: In case of replacement of library card, the applicant only needs to submit 2 photographs of 1 1/2 inch.

Fees and Charges

Application for Library card: Free of charge
Deposit: MOP$100.00 (If library card is expired/reader stops using the card, deposit will be reimbursed upon presentation of library card and receipt;
Replacement: MOP$20

Note: After obtaining receipt from Audiovisual Centre, the applicant has to make payment at Accounting and Cashier Section, and obtain library card upon presentation of receipt.

Time for Approval

3 working days.

Borrowing Regulations

Quantity of Books to be Borrowed


Quantity of Audiovisual Material to be Borrowed

Video tape, cassette tape or CD/VCD (2unit).

Borrowing Period

Borrowing period is 20 days (including public holidays). After books or collection of audiovisual material are returned and if nobody reserves, renewal of borrowing can be made one more time.

Treatment of Lost Books

If book is lost, the same book has to be purchased in compensation. If it is unable to buy a new one, twice the price of the book has to be paid. In case of losing those not for sale, compensation has to be made according to estimated price. When there is damage and loss of audiovisual material, the original price has to be paid.

Late Return

General type: A fine of MOP$5.00 per day; maximum fine is equivalent to the original purchase price of book / audiovisual material;
Not for sale type / Complimentary copy: A fine of MOP$5.00 per day; maximum fine is MOP$100.00

Photocopy Service


Borrower can request photocopy service, maximum 30 pages per day.

Fees and Charges

MOP$1.00 for 1 page of A4 paper; MOP$1.50 for 1 page of A3 paper; twice the price for 2-sided page.

Note: After obtaining receipt from Audiovisual Centre, borrower has to make payment at Accounting and Cashier Section, and obtain the photocopies upon presentation of receipt.