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Rehabilitation Service

  • Through the collaboration with non-governmental organizations and public departments and, provide service to people with disabilities and their family members, with the aim to assist them to overcome difficulties and obstacles, reinforce independence and self-confidence, develop gifted potentials and promote quality of life.
  • Provide technical support and resources assistance to non-governmental organizations (IPSS) and social service facilities in areas of rehabilitation.
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Referral to Rehabilitation Center

Application Venue

One of the following means:

  1. The applicant has to register in person in Assessment Centre for Rehabilitation, or send the application form to fax N° 28403374;
  2. Referral through social facilities for rehabilitation;
  3. Written referral by other government departments.

Target Group

Individuals and family members, physically or mentally disabled, need to learn self-care living skills, have assessed to vocational training, and receive services provided by rehabilitation centres for the disabled subsidized by Social Welfare Bureau.

Application Procedures and Documents Required

The applicant is required to make application at one of the above-mentioned units and submits:

  • duly completed “Application Form for Rehabilitation Service”;
  • Photocopy of Macao Resident Identity Card of the applicant and his/her family members;
  • Medical declaration issued by Health Bureau or Hospital “Kiang Wu” (if it is about mental status, declaration has to be issued by the Psychiatry Section of “Centro Hospitalar Conde de S. Januário”);
  • Other relevant documents of the application (ex: Report of Special School).

Fees and Charges

Referral handled by this Division is free of charge. After referral, all service charges incurred are to be determined between the institution and the client.

Time for Arranging Appointment

Depending on the application. If necessary, immediate interview can be arranged.