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Social Reintegration Service

  • Assist the court to implement non-custodial sentences and sentence suspension orders;
  • According to “Education and Supervision Regime for Youth Offenders”(Law 2/2007), we implement supervision orders applied to youth offenders;
  • Prepare pre-trial reports for the court;
  • Provide supports for offenders to reintegrate into society and restore a law-abiding life;
  • Enhance the prevention of re-offending.
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Reintegration Service for Adult Offenders

Highlights of Adult Offender Service in 2024 

  • Cross-regional Reintegration Service in Greater Bay Area
    Expanding the rehabilitation service network, strengthen collaboration between Guangdong Province, Hong Kong and Macao, and provide pre-release intervention services to Macao residents serving sentences in Guangdong Province and Hong Kong, so that they can reintegrate to society smoothly once when they are released and return to Macao, in which will be beneficial for reoffending prevention.

    (Service Booklet for Cross-Regional Inmates)

  • Career Development Programs
    Employment is an important prerequisite for rehabilitated offenders to reintegrate into society. Over these years, the Social Welfare Bureau has launched the Career Development Programs with enterprises in Macao to help ex-offenders to get jobs. The Career Development Programs include the Supportive Employer Network, Employment Placement Plan for Pre-release Prisoners, and Employment Placement Plan for Housed Juveniles.

    (Virtual Job Interview)

  • Enhance Patriotism Program
    In order to strengthen the sense of national identity of rehabilitated persons and youth offenders, the Social Welfare Bureau continues to launch a series of patriotic education activities in the “Enhance Patriotism Program”. Through videos, activities and site visits, participants can get a thorough understanding of our country’s development, and increase their national identity with our country, patriotism and law-abiding awareness. The program includes four chapters: “Loving the Motherland”, “Love our country, Abide the Law”, “Love Macao” and “National Development Workshop”.

    (Site Visiting)

  • Correctional Courses for Rehabilitated Offenders
    Systematic correctional courses and activities are available according to the needs of the rehabilitated offenders and the types of crimes committed. Courses including: personal growth, legal education, civic education, treatment courses, skills training, and participation in social services. These aim to raise their awareness of caring for the community and abiding to law, establishing a positive lifestyle.

    (Course Kits)

    (Personal Growth Section)