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Social Reintegration Service

  • Assist the court to implement non-custodial sentences and sentence suspension orders;
  • According to “Education and Supervision Regime for Youth Offenders” (Law 2/2007), we implement supervision orders applied to youth offenders;
  • Prepare pre-trial reports for the court;
  • Provide supports for offenders to reintegrate into society and restore a law-abiding life;
  • Enhance the prevention of re-offending.
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Reintegration Service for Youth Offenders

Highlights of Juvenile Offender Service in 2024

  • Crime Prevention for Youth
    Launch youth crime prevention activities in the form of competition, and promote the “Education and Supervision Regime for Youth Offenders” to Macao teenagers at an early stage. It is hoped that through the competition, the teenagers will acquire the important of crime prevention and their awareness of law-abiding.

    (Youth Speech Competition)
  • Correctional Courses for Youth Offenders
    Systematic correctional courses and activities are provided according to the needs of the juvenile offenders. Courses including: personal growth, legal education, interest classes, and participation in social services, etc. Through different activities and workshops, raise the youth’s awareness of law-abiding and assist them in correcting their behaviors.


    (Legal Education Lecture)

    (Kickboxing class)
  • “Family Care” Support Program for Juvenile Offenders
    The Social Welfare Bureau has collaborated with NGO to launch the “Family Care Support Program for Juvenile Offenders”, providing supports to families of juvenile offenders involved in the judicial system. Our service includes legal consultation, family relationship mediation and etc. It aims to help these families tide over difficulties and resume a healthy family life.


    (Communication Course for Parents)

    (Parenting Support Counseling)
  • “Caring for Community” Program
    Provide volunteer training and activities for both adults and youths, introduce them to volunteer for services, so that to build up their caring concept for the society, and strengthen their sense of identity.


    (Volunteer in Surplus Food Service)

    (Volunteer in Food Bank Service)