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Service for Prevention and Treatment of Drug Dependence

  • Promote education activities to school, family and community regarding the prevention of drug abuse, providing information and consultation service;
  • Provide drug treatment services to drug dependents, as well as information and support service to their family members and friends;
  • Provide technical support and resources assistance to non-governmental organizations (IPSS) and social service facilities that render drug treatment services to drug dependents (including residential care and outreaching service).
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Education and Advisory Service for the Prevention of Drug Abuse


Drug Abuse Prevention Division

Address: Rua Nova da Areia Preta, n.º 577, Edifício “The Bayview”, r/c, Macau
Telephone: 2878 1718
Fax: 2878 1720

Target Group

The general public, in particular, teenage students, educators, parents and professionals, etc.

Types of Service

Education and publicity activities on the prevention of drug abuse: talks, training courses, exhibitions and booth games, as well as provision of information to residents on services for the prevention and treatment of drug dependence through the advisory hotline and reception service.

Application Procedures and Documents Required

Person of interest or in need of the above-mentioned service can make a written application or fill in the application form at Drug Abuse Prevention Division, and submits the basic information of the contact person or the institution involved. Or he/she can make an application through hotline 28781791 during office hours.

Fees and Charges

Free of charge

Time for Approval(Performace Pledge)

Seminars on drug addiction/dependence:
- Application by telefone/fax
The reply, including the details of the requested activity, will be given within 1 working day
- Submission of written application
The reply, including the details of the requested activity, will be given within 6 working days
Seminars for professionals:
The reply, including the details of the requested activity, will be given within 6 working days


Drug Abuse Prevention Division

Target Group

All schools and community organizations in Macao.

Types of Activities

● Seminars for Teachers

Objective: Introduce general information on problems of drug abuse to teachers.
Time: 45 minutes.
No. of person: No limit.

● Seminars for Parents

Objective: Let parents concern the problems of teenagers nowadays and the importance of preventing their children from drug abuse.
Time: 45 minutes .
No. of person: No limit.

● Seminars / Activities for Students

Objective: Through seminars, activities and discussions, let students be aware of the danger of drugs and acquire refusal skills, thus living a healthy life.
Time: 30 – 60 minutes.
No. of person: No limit / divided in groups.

● Training Programs

Objective: Let the participants understand deeply the work in the area of prevention of drug dependence, and enhance their knowledge concerning the problems of drugs, thus making them advocators of preventive education.
Target Group: Teachers, professionals, volunteers.
Time: 12 – 15 hours.
No. of person: 10 – 20 persons.

● Seminars for Professionals

Objective: Reinforce professionals’ concept and knowledge for the prevention of drug abuse, thus performing the preventive function in their professions.
Time: 45 minutes.
No. of person: No limit.

● “Smart and Cool Teen” Course

Objective: Through the adoption of new teaching materials and interactive education, discuss with the students about the problems of smoking, alcohol, marijuana, rave party, in order to strengthen education on prevention of drug abuse.

● Anti-drug Exhibitions and Booth Games

Objective: Raise public awareness and concern about the problems of drugs and disseminate anti-drug message.

Obs: The content and time of educational activities for the prevention of drug abuse can be arranged properly according to the needs of the applicant.

Healthy Life Education is an internationally recognized healthy education and drug abuse prevention programme, with the aim to raise awareness of primary school students on the benefits of healthy life style and dangers of drug abuse, in order to achieve the goals of drug abuse prevention. It started to operate in September 2000 and is implemented by Drug Abuse Prevention Division of Social Welfare Bureau.

Target Group
Children aged 5-12
The programme includes Cantonese and English classes for kindergarten 3 (pre-school) and primary school students as well as special education class.
Programme Content
The programme is composed of 4 principal areas, knowledge about the body, food nutrition, knowledge about drugs and social skills. The programme is designed, according to the need of children’s growth, to nurture gradually the students’ concept of healthy life and the correct attitude of taking drugs. When facing drug temptation, they are full of confidence to say “NO” to drugs.
Classroom Design
It includes illuminated models, body systems, a talking brain, the giraffe “Harold” (programme mascot) that can sing, audiovisual equipment, etc. In addition, multimedia teaching materials are equipped.
Programme Activities
Under educator’s guidance, students can learn happily through games, discussions, role play, etc.
Follow-up Activities
They include students’ worksheet as well as teacher’s manual available on website.
Harold Fans Club
It is an online platform. After registered as members, students can participate in related activities and to be more aware of information concerning healthy life style and drug abuse prevention.
Healthy Life Education Centre
Rua Nova da Areia Preta, n.° 577, Edifício “The Bayview”, r/c, Macau
Welcome the participation of kindergarten 3 and primary schools!
Telephone: 2822 5778 / 28225779
Fax: 2822 5780
Website: http://healthylife.ias.gov.mo
Email: harold@ias.gov.mo
Macao Anti-drugs Website http://www.antidrugs.gov.mo
Kindergarten 3 to Primary 6 Classes
Grade / Year
Main Content
Kindergarten 3
Healthy Harold
Know the basic functions of different parts of body;
The importance of taking a variety of food;
Safe use of medicines;
1 Hour
Primary 1
Harold’s Healthy Secrets
Respiratory process;
Basic elements of living and the importance of clean air;
How to avoid passive smoking;
Communication among friends.
Primary 2
Smart Food
Digestive system;
Food pyramid;
Analyse methods of promoting snacks through media;
Proper use of medicines.
Primary 3
Circulation Journey
Circulatory system;
Functions of kidney and liver;
Discussion on drugs;
The importance of mutual respect and acceptance among friends.
1 Hour and 20 mins
Primary 4
Body Network
Operation of nervous system;
Functions and impact of medicines on the body;
Study the cause and ways of handling stress.
Primary 5
I am the smartest
Impact of smoking;
Make use of critical thinking capacity;
How to handle peer pressure;
Training of refusal skills.
Primary 6
Wise Choice
Impact of alcohol / psychotropic substances;
Study the form, reasons and way of handling of bullying;
The role of bystanders;
Know how to make decisions and respect others.
Special Education Class
Main Content
The Cleanliness of Harold
Know about different parts of body;
The concept of body cleaning;
Protection of dental health.
1 Hour
Choices of Food
Know about the digestive system;
Classification of food and selection of healthy food;
How to use medicines safely.
Air and Health
Know about the respiratory system;
The source of air pollution;
The concept and impact of passive smoking.
The Truth About Smoking
Know about the impact of smoking in the body;
Develop skills in handling peer pressure.
Aspects of Emotions
Know about different emotions and ways of alleviating emotions;
Understand the impact of alcohol on the body.
Application Procedures and Documents Required
Schools that are interested in participating in the programme can contact educators of healthy life education via telephone, fax or letter to make appointment and arrangement of the class date.
Obs.: Healthy Life Education Application form
Free of charge
Approval Time Required (Performance Pledge)
Application via telephone or fax: reply within 1 working day starting from the following day upon receipt of application
Application by means of letter: reply within 6 working days starting from the following day upon receipt of application


Managed directly by Prevention of Drug Abuse Division under Department of Prevention and Treatment for Drug Dependence, Resources Centre for Anti-drug Education is a preventive drug abuse multimedia education centre. It started operating on 25 June 2003.

Address: Rua Nova da Areia Preta, n.º 577, Edf. “The Bayview” , r/c e 1.º andar, Macau

Telephone: 28781718

Fax: 28781720

Opening Hours: Monday to Friday 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm

Target Group

Citizens (in particular teachers, professionals in area of social service, university students and high school students)

Type of Service

1. Provide reading service;

2. Provide online service for browsing relevant anti-drug information;

3. Provide enquiry service;

4. Assist in producing teaching materials of anti-drug activities;

5. Match with anti-drug seminars and enquiry service.

Fees and Charges

Free of charge.