Helplines of Non-governmental Social Service Organizations

24 Hours Gambling Counseling Hotline:

2823 0101
  1. To establish a 24-hr hotline for gambling, in order to facilitate and incentivize the request of support for addicted gamblers and their relatives.
  2. To establish an online platform in regards to gambling, thus allowing unidentified gamblers to increase contact with relatives and request support.

Emotional: 24-hour Hotline of Macau Caritas – Life Hope

2852 5222

The objective of Hotline of Macau Caritas – Life Hope is to show care and concern with love and sincerity to those confronting difficulties, being helpless, in pessimistic situation or despair, in order to strengthen their confidence when encountering difficult situations, and help them to face life frustrations positively.

Domestic Violence:
24-hour Hotline of
Lai Yuen Centre of
The Women’s Association of Macau

2832 6632
  1. The general public and those women perturbed by domestic violence;
  2. Women that need shelter service or relavant enquiry service when encountering domestic violence problems.